Freesia - An Easter Myth: Easter Before Jesus Christ

An Easter Myth: Easter Before Jesus Christ

By: Sara Khaled Sat, 30 Apr 2016 17:40:05

Easter is always associated with associated with the resurrection of Jesus Christ and considered a Christian holiday when in fact it has nothing to do with it. Easter was named after the pagan goddess of spring, Eastre, which came long before the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This goes back to the Tower of Babel, which came not long after the biblical flood.


After Nimrod, Noah’s great-grandson, who was also a kind of a priest to an occult worship, died, his wife Eastre gave birth to a son a few years later. She claimed that he was Nimrod reborn. That he was a blessed seed, conceived with no father, to be the human kind’s savior. She became the goddess of the moon, fertility and spring, and was worshipped even more than her son was. According to legend, he was killed by a wild boar, and was resurrected in spring; so every spring they would celebrate his resurrection, which was named after his mother, Easter.


That still doesn’t explain why it is represented by a bunny rabbit and colored eggs; so after extensive research one thing was clear, rabbits are always used as a sexual symbol of fertility. Thus in other words, the rabbit was used as a symbol of the goddess of fertility, Eastre.


The eggs are a whole other story. The Babylonians had this belief that in the old days a sacred egg of a huge size fell from the heavens to earth, and from this egg, Eastre herself was born. And so each year they would color the eggs to make them look mystic in the honor of that mystic egg.


Till this day, we celebrate it and it has become a national holiday while most people don’t know it’s original story. We all still get a kick out of the beautiful colorful breakfast though. Happy Easter everyone!


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