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Fashionistas Provoking Lifestyle Values!

By: Freesia Staff Thu, 10 Mar 2016 14:18:40

"Word by word, you create your life"; Esther Litchfield-Fink, writer and blogger.

Words, are powerful weapons, tough ones; probably the most dangerous.  Since literature ever existed, terminologies, words and sentenced lines have been very powerful that they are called “Media” now.
  The people attraction force lies within letters, between sentences and beneath paragraphs. The art of humanity, pro-founding them to utter words and sustain meanings.

  For almost the past 10 years, human beings have been sharing their thoughts internationally. Lately, not just spoken but written, texted and posted on the so called “Internet”.
  Back then when posting was labelled, BLOGGING; people “logged in” online. Sharing a point out, a list, an opinion or probably an experience; that is what motivated. The reason behind their posting is to be heard and socially effective.
  “Blogging is not for earning, it is about helping others with the knowledge that you have”; Syed Faizan Ali, Web Designer and blogger. Sadly, that was past..

  Around 3-5 years ago, blogging have turned into a modeling phenomenon. Models have had their criteria and careers; However, NOW! What about now? Seeking money and iconic sociality are their interest.

  Since fashion has been lately combined with blogging, instead of posting lines that be of good benefit; lately they just earn it.  Speaking of which, girls have been taking off their clothes, showing off their highly expensive products and provoking body parts listing themselves as fashion bloggers! Unfortunately, It is currently listed as a phenomenal JOB! Actually, a good bill paying mean of living.

Here is the debate, what do you do? FASHION BLOGGER!!
Societies have turned them into icons... social icons!  But, what about bloggers; pardon.. Fashion bloggers?!
What do they provide from values?! If provoking body parts and extreme show off is one, for and without a reason then how do we plan on enhancing our society?!! If that is real, then what is fake?! Putting some clothes, acquiring specific lifestyles that are not closely related to our community. Not relating to something that really matters; but, only being listed as a blogger for picture captions! Is that even considered writing or blogging?!
 Desperately, We have Added value to people who put on some expensive clothes making them a bunch of community. However, NOT of value at all. How do we expect to elevate our standards acting civil when we appreciate what is least appreciated and downgrade what is essentially needed?!
  Originally, realness builds up communities to a better future no runways. Currently, we run-away reality-less! How did we manage to twist how blogging is socially important and now it is socially provoking?!

Have we lost our sense of awareness? Or our awareness as a whole, is that we lost!

    Who are our public figures now.. PHENOMENAL FASHIONISTAS??!!!


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