Freesia - Abu Auf’s New Collection Would Drive You Nuts!

Abu Auf’s New Collection Would Drive You Nuts!

By: Freesia Staff Mon, 15 Feb 2016 16:56:36

  A brand name known to all nuts and dried fruits lovers, Abu Auf continues shinning with their presence at the Our Wedding Carnival Season 4. Being the first market importer for nuts and dried fruits, people from all around Egypt seemed to have visited at least one of their branches one time or the other.

    Abu  Auf, importing their nuts and dried fruits through Samu Trading Company, started business in 2010, and since then their business kept expanding that by now they own around 50 branches all over Egypt. They not only work in individual stores but they, also, made it into 4 of the biggest hypermarkets in Egypt including Carrefour, Sauodi, and more.

    They offer a full range of nuts and different seasonings of the same nuts, which ensures that whoever ventures into one of their stores is sure to find something that would suit their taste. Not only do they offer nuts and dried fruits though, they have a full range of Lebanese nougat and “malban”.

    Taking a booth right at the front during the OWC4, Abu Auf ensured that everyone going in or out passes by their booth and try their mini packets which contained crackers and check out the new dessert bar that they were showcasing. With this new dessert bar, Abu Auf presents chocolate that is sure to tickle your taste buds, rich coffee that would win over your sense of smell even before you taste it, a full diversity of dates, and finally, super foods like power bars and energy packs.

    The free snacks that they offered worked its magic and hooked many people on the delicious snacks they offer and is a sure way to win costumers over including those in the Freesia Magazine team!

Photography By: Ahmed Ismail & Kanaan Fayyad


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