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When Beauty Becomes Empowering

By: Freesia Staff Thu, 11 Feb 2016 10:38:16

Heba Hesham’s alluring and idyllic beauty like a fairytale princess born with features that matched both a charming and delicate personality. With runway jaunts and beauty competitions, this law graduate student has seen her career arise from relative ordinary girl to one of the most empowering icons in the world of fashion. Her presence is as enchanting and amusing as her company yet she still manages to be humble and gentle. Photographed in all her simple glory, future bride-to-be, sat down with us to talk about her dreamlike start, her plans and how love courted her.

I have to ask you the official model question- how were you first discovered?
I got discovered at Miss Egypt 2014 Pageant after it was halted for three years. It was such an exalting and intriguing experience that completely changed my life as I was nominated Miss Egypt Intercontinental.

What’s the most spectacular experience you have walked and what sticks in your mind about it?
The 43rd. Miss Intercontinental Pageant in Magdeburg in Germany. It was super cool and I felt so proud representing my country and hearing the name Egypt over and over again.

How do you define beauty?
To summarize a long story beauty isn’t just about having a pretty face or applying the trendiest make-up or wearing the most fashionable clothes it is more about the character and how humble and moral we manage to be.

What advice would you pass along to young women in Egypt?
To never stop dreaming, to follow their hearts and inner senses tell them and to enjoy every step of the road. To study hard and finish their education for education is highly important and most notably to embrace their feminism.

How exactly ?
By wearing more dresses and skirts and not only jeans. The secret is in choosing what suits you and makes you look pretty and elegant not in jumping into what is fashionable and trendy only. But if that is too hard to achieve try to add some beautiful accessories to your outfit and choose the perfect shoes and lipstick. Exquisite perfume is a must and avoid heavy make-up. Just keep it simple.

What’s something you haven’t achieved but hope to?
Right now I’m just focusing on my wedding which is two months away. I’m all busy with the preparations and stuff and because I’ll be moving to Turkey afterwards I haven’t quite decided what to do next.

Why are you moving to Turkey? Do you plan on working and living there?
Partly yes. My fiancee is Turkish that’s why.

So now we know why you attended Our Wedding Carnival..
( with a smile ) Yes. I’m expanding my options for the wedding..

Photography by: Ahmed Ismail



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