Freesia - The White Wedding.. Royal Edition

The White Wedding.. Royal Edition

By: Freesia Staff Tue, 26 Jan 2016 20:14:33

Events usually focus on a specific age group as it is usually hard to find a common interest between all the age groups for all, but there is one event that you could find everyone in, starting from toddlers to the elderly; Weddings. No one misses weddings and everyone enjoys it. Little girls love getting dressed up and daydreaming about the day when they would grow up and be in the bride’s place, teenagers attend for the partying and dancing, adults attend to meet the family and get ideas for their own children’s weddings, and the elderly enjoy seeing their grandchildren all grown up and getting married. Weddings grab the attention of everyone, and that was the theme of the event that took place at the Dusit Thai hotel, The White Wedding Festival.

    The moment you take a step into the hotel lobby you are transferred into a world of extravagance and crystal chandeliers and formally dressed up people. You take the granite path to your left and you would be greeted by ushers dressed up in suits and booths set up by the sponsors of the event that included a few of the biggest brand names in their different specializations. Other than Freesia Magazine, there were Tony jewelers, Starlight, Home Centre, and many more impressive names there.

    The hall itself, where the event was held, was set up like a scene out of a little girl’s favorite fairytale. Fake clouds hung from the ceiling, crystal chandeliers that glimmered like stars hung in between the clouds, a runway sat in the middle of the room giving everyone in attendance the perfect view of what or who was on the stage, a crystal curtain hung above the runway with lights running down the crystals every few seconds giving the illusion of shooting stars, and booths were set up for more sponsors on either side of the runway. Children ran around their parents enjoying the festive atmosphere, while the adults were commenting on what is being presented on the runway.

    A royal fashion show presented an extravagant array of wedding dresses, some plain and simple, while others contained exquisite crystal and diamond detailing, some flowing dresses with a long tail and short dresses that suited every taste. The fashion show was followed by a “zaffa” show, with two models dressed as the bride and groom, surrounded by the traditional drummers and traditional music that starts most of the weddings. Afterwards, came the dancer Amie that gave a good show and danced tastefully. Closely followed by a band called “Fabric” that put on a show that was quiet a let down after the high standards put by the previous shows. They played quiet good but after 2/3 minutes it became boring and was easily drowned by the chatter, which is the last thing that the bride and groom look for when setting entertainment for their wedding. They would have been better suited playing in a restaurant rather than a wedding. That performance was salvaged though by Khaled Essam taking the stage and giving an outstanding jazz performance that caught the attention of every person there. His deep voice highly suited the old jazz songs that he picked, he had the appearance that attracted people’s eyes, and his character on stage was just captivating. Lastly, the stage was conquered by starlight that gave a firework show that left people gasping, and not just because of the smoke emitted by the fire! People were going crazy cheering on and clapping along with the music they worked with, and their booming ending with the confetti left people in awe.

    The event planners certainly did a great job picking the avenue and the shows and setting up. The show managed to keep people interested from the start till the end, and is the perfect place for a bride and groom to be to plan their wedding from A to Z! Starting from the bride and groom’s entrance, to the details of their apartment, all was there on display in the most becoming way that no bride could ever resist. The flower arrangements, the cake corners, all displayed beautifully. And to think that months and months of wedding planning could be done in a matter of hours, leaving the bride and groom relaxed and free to enjoy the most magical night of their lives!

Photography by: Ahmed Ismail, Bedo Viski and Kanaan Fayyad


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