Freesia - L'art De Foulares. It's Not Just Scarves!

L'art De Foulares. It's Not Just Scarves!

By: Freesia Staff Wed, 20 Jan 2016 10:02:36

The launch of Okhtein scarves collection at the Pop-Up store was enchanting to say the least, within artsy appeal that mixes both passion with creativity.

Their fine pieces of pure silk paintings are inspired by personal panoramic stories that every one can find his own in one of them. One scarf may take you to either a romantic date with your prince charming, or a past chapter where some breaker twisted your heart. Not to mention that every piece was treated with care and love as they were given special unique names.

Both Aya and Mounaz, the Okhtein, shared a passion for design at a very early age. Though they have never had the chance to study fashion, their delicate talent paved the way for their success. Starting from launching their bags and accessories lines to celebrating their newest scarves collection. Both also look upon the same designers from Olivier Rousteing, Alexander Mcqueen to Dolce&Gabbana, and share the same ambitions when it comes to the future, as they both want to expand their business.

Meanwhile when it comes to menswear and whether they will ever consider it or not?

" Who knows ?!" was their answer.

Finally their message to you girls is: "follow your dreams and go the miles for it".

Photography by: Kanaan Fayyad, Bedo Viski and Nour Hassan


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