Freesia - Strangest 9 Bridal Traditions Around The World

Strangest 9 Bridal Traditions Around The World
Strangest 9 Bridal Traditions Around The World

By: Freesia Staff Fri, 01 Jan 2016 10:20:01

Though every single nation has its distinguished culture and lifestyle, marriage remains a fundamental event that every region encounters by its own unique style. Here are 9 of the strangest ways how weddings are celebrated in different countries. Checking this will certainly make you smile:

1. Stealing the Indian groom's shoes:
In India, the bride's sister tricks the groom and steals his shoes once he enters the wedding tent. The only way for him to get his shoes back is bribing her.

2. It takes two to accomplish the mission in Sudan:
In Southern Sudan, people of the Neur tribe believe that marriage is not complete until the woman has had two children. If she fails to do so, the groom is able to seek a divorce.

3. In Scotland, blackening the bride brings good luck:
Blackening the bride is a Scottish wedding custom in which the bride is captured by family and friends, covered in food, ash, and adhesive substances then driven with her groom in the back of an open-backed truck. Blackening occurs in rural areas of Scotland.

4. Releasing doves in Philippines:
In Philippines, the bride and groom release two doves into the air declaring the beginning of a peaceful long life together.

5. Log cutting in Germany:
The German newlyweds must test the strength of their bond by working together on cutting a log in half in front of all their guests. This tradition is intended to show the couple's ability to face the obstacles that may come throughout their marriage.

6. In Pakistan, the groom wears a ring around his neck:
It is tradition for the groom in Pakistan to wear a ring of flowers around his neck, and then the bride does the same thing.

7. In Australia, unity bowl expresses love and support:
In Australian weddings, guests are given stones to hold in their hands during the ceremony. At the end they place the stones in a decorative bowl that the married couple will keep to remind them of the support of their family and friends.

8. Kissing party is a prime tradition in Sweden:
In Sweden, whenever either the bride or groom leaves even for a while, the other gets kissed from all the attendees from the opposite gender. If the groom has to go, every man in the room will kiss the bride and vise versa.

9. In France, Croquembouche expresses the French delicate bridal traditions:

Croquembouche is a tower of cream-filled puffed pastry served in French weddings as the wedding cake. It can be decorated with fruit and nuts and makes a fantastic centrepiece.

Just like throwing the boquet, drinking colored rose-water juice (Sharpat), declaring the buffet open and starting weddings by Zaffa in Egypt, nations of various beliefs celebrate wedding events in their different way controlled by their Holy customs and traditions that seem to be strange for other regions around the world.


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