By: Freesia Staff Thu, 12 Nov 2015 14:19:46

The one of a kind showcase is back for its second season, in which promises to be a fashion spectacle; outdoing its first season. Cairo Couture Collections season 1 promised a shake-up in the industry and it definitely did, with designers from across the globe travelling to Cairo, to participate in the couture phenomenon.

This time the line-up is serious, with the finest couturiers there is; Featuring Bahig hussein, Diamond Zone, Hadil Ali Fashion, Hady Saad Fashion House, HOUSE of HEND, Maison LuLu (formerly Walaa Amin) also Rana Madkour designs & Sherif Nasr Fashion Designer. Each designer has a story to tell, a story of their collections, enriched with fairytales, dreams, and raw strong characters; characters of confidence and classiness. They come together in force to complete Cairo Couture Collections into one epic evening of luxury and redefined class.
Freesia was there to get you some back-stage and in-house coverage of all what happened so you don't miss a thing.

Starting with Rana Madkour, She has showcased eight wondrous dresses. All the fabrics & materials used were purely handmade and focused on hot colors like red, orange and yellow. She was among season one participants and sees CCC as a very committed and inspiring chance. Stay tuned for more of Rana Madkour designs soon in Dubai.

Her Highness, Princess Hend El-Qassimi came to CCC and showcased about 12 to 14 gowns. She's very keen on participating in CCC with her phenomenal eastern-trending designs.

Also, a noticeable number of stars were there to support our designers and witness this creative event like: Actor and Singer Hany Adel, Actress Dolly Shaheen, Actress Safaa Galal, Actor Hany Ramzy and Actress Wafaa Aamer. Many photographers, bloggers, reporters were there too to witness this big comeback of CCC as well.
As for make-up , Jailan Atef and Booba Diab were out most welcomed CCC guests.

Lastly, we can’t forget to mention Dolly Yanny, the make-up artist who presented winter dark colors on the models to add some essence and glamour on. She'll be participating on Cairo Fashion Festival weekend on November with more splendid looks.

So, with an incredible legendary lineup; probably the first time this much talent in one night, set to light up the runway at the Dusit Thani LakeView Cairo. It’s the inevitable event of the year and was really historical. Guaranteed to inspire, innovate and above all set the bar incredibly high for the industry and its bright future.

Photography by: Ayat Mamdouh & Rami El Shakry


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