Freesia - MANGO Explodes With A New Revolution At City Stars

MANGO Explodes With A New Revolution At City Stars

By: Fatma Khaled Wed, 09 Sep 2015 22:21:46

One of the prominent Spanish fashion outlets, MANGO, has launched two new lines for men and children in its Egyptian franchise on Thursday in the heart of Cairo at City Stars.

Ali Sharif, the vice president of Al-Hokair group in North Africa felt pleased not only with celebrating the new lines but also with embracing the expansion of the store.

Al Sharif stated in an interview with Freesia magazine, highlight of that day was expressing "MANGO is not anymore just a women’s collection it is also for men and children, starting from casual wear to formal dressings."

“The new lines are able to dress babies who are 1 month old until 14 years old children and also offer a three times bigger collection for women” he added.

Al Sharif also mentioned that there is a new MANGO concept that has been recently added called “The Violeta”, presents the most beautiful fashion for sizes up to 52.

He explained more about the new men’s line saying that it presents the fashionable, trendy, and outgoing Egyptian man who is also updated and seeks to find the newest fashion in the Egyptian market.

At about 8:30 pm, MANGO dazzled the audience with its collection for this summer and F/W collection where about seven models took the runway to exhibit both casual day outfits and evening outfits.

The selection of the clothes were styled by Sara Abul Ela, a fashion blogger, while “Pace e Luce Egypt” did the hair and make up for the models

In this collection the garments and accessories were presented in a different approach where it presents how women were treated and how it match the fashions of all seasons as well.

Al Sharif talked more about the retail group’s future plans, which is a subsidiary to AL-Hokair group, as he mentioned that there are 800 employees now compared to the initial 415 in the past.

He also added that the retail own 100 stores around Egypt and has a massive plan to open and expand in more branches in the upcoming three to four years.

“This year we opened 15 stores, and we’ll be opening around 25 stores across Egypt in other governorates” Al Sharif said.

When asked what makes the Egyptian market special to MANGO, Al Sharif pointed out the differentiation between markets is decreasing because customers are highly updated due technological advances.

“MANGO likes the Egyptian market because the Egyptian customer is very updated and demanding and we feel it is our sole duty to satisfy them” he elaborated.

The expansion is truly noticeable as the store in City Stars is considered the biggest in Africa, holding a space of 1030 meters which makes it one of the most iconic stores in the mall.

“Ego Communicate”, the PR agency has managed to organize the luxurious event as they gave the place a harmonious atmosphere where several fashion designers and media outlets attended the opening.

MANGO emerged as a strong brand in Egypt since 2004 with a message of satisfying fashion tastes of urban women and celebrating women in a revolutionary manner, while it was initially launched in Spain since 1984.

“MANGO loves Egypt and Egypt loves MANGO!” Al Sharif concluded with a warm smile.



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