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By: Giovanna de Marco Mon, 18 May 2015 18:00:51

Sometimes life is very unexpected and full of surprises. That’s what happened indeed to two twins sisters from Belgrade: Bojana and Vladana Veljkovic, who developed their own Swiss-Serbian brand called “Sisters & Brothers Code”. Freesia Magazine met them in Zurich and now is presenting a brief interview on their entrepreneurial story.

 How did it start your career in Fashion?
I was working earlier as a fashion editor’s assistant at Cosmopolitan and Jolie magazines.

In may 2012 I decided to use my fashion experience to co-create a fashion brand with my twin sister Bojana which, at the time, was working in Public Relations.

Having a fashion background was definitely a good starting point for us, but still not enough to get catapulted in the overcrowded universe of brands. This condition helped us to put us in the position to learn a lot form designers and experts from the fashion industry and also to receive big help and advices from them. Following all our efforts, we started with our “Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine Pufnica” and presented at Belgrade Alternative Fashion Event – BAFE, our first collection inspired by the street style of Zurich (the city where we were leaving). At that occasion we had the opportunity to meet lots of people and develop new collaborations, such as the one with model Igor Jagic, with whom we share the same idea of style and the same vision. From that moment on, our brand started to focus also on men wears and “Sisters -Code” became “Sisters and Brother Code” well known now as “SBC”.

 What is the meaning of “Sisters & Brothers Code” and how did you pick this name?
At first place we are sisters and we are very close, so we wanted to create a common wardrobe as symbol of something able to connect us. From that concept we ended up to “sisters code” brand name, and after that, to our current name SBC which stays for “Sisters & Brothers Code” and it is about ready-to-wear clothes.

 What is Sisters & Brothers Code’s vision?
Sisters and Brother Code is a brand focused on simplicity with a touch of glamour. Indeed our  collection is inspired by the chic casual street, the urban style and it is all a limited edition.

Our fabrics which are carefully selected by textile’s experts are thought for women that share our same taste of simplicity and also privilege a cut that makes them feeling comfortable with what they wear.

 How SBC finds its own inspiration?
We like to inspire our work to strong women and men which distinguish themselves for their artistic, creative and romantic style with strong attitude and sense for fashion.

We love to collaborate with artists. We are now collaborating with actresses like Danijela Vranjes, Ljuma Penov and Maria Riboli from New York, and also the fashion stylist Victor Navarro from Phoenix and Irene Plenos the talented Swiss actress, just to mention few of them. Quite often the rock stars and artists we meet inspire our collections and that is the case of few great fashion editorials such as “Black Love”, “ A Phoenix Story”, “A Belgrade Story” and the last one “Rock Stars”.

 Please give to our international readers of Freesia some tips about the latest trends for the next summer collection?
The next summer collection is presenting this year a lot of influences from the sixties and the seventies too.  We will see: military style, vintage, floral colors, prints, stripes, denim, block colors and a lot mix and match.  So take a look in your mum’s closet and you will find definitely some pieces of wardrobe to mix up with your clothes and to come up with new original outfits.

 Any plans for the future to be published in advance for Freesia and for the lovers of the “Sisters and Brothers Code” of dressing?
We have lots of appointments for the next future. We are participating at the Belgrade Fashion Week. We are planning to make a fashion show in October 2015 to present the next SS16 and also to shoot our first fashion movie in Zurich (Switzerland) and in Belgrade (Serbia). We wish to gather there inspiring icons from the art, the movie, the fashion and the music sector at the end of September 2015.  We have in mind also to kick-start a baby and kids code of clothing and  knitwear, but at the moment this is only an idea because there are many projects going on. Indeed currently, we are more focused on launching our new jewelry collection in September. For the first time, we will have SBC jewelries inspired from the streets of New York City and Berlin, two exciting, vibrant, international cities which are great in capturing new brands and absorbing new tendencies. Stay tuned and follow us then!

 What does it mean for “Sisters and Brothers Code” shooting its “First Fashion Movie”?
That is a surprise that we plan to present at our new SS16 collection trough a fashion show movie with lots of visual effects. It will somehow tell the story of ours first steps into the fashion system. The idea is to build up a show with models and professional Fashion lovers and at the same time make a short fashion movie about our start, on all the processes about the making of our collection, the collaborations  with our co workers and some heads up on future plans.  We cannot tell a lot because we are preparing something different. So we keep it secret for now and you FREESIA stay tuned!



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