Freesia - Hadi Katra.. Where Creativity And Inspiration Explicit In Art

Hadi Katra.. Where Creativity And Inspiration Explicit In Art

By: Patil Kalfayan Mon, 04 May 2015 00:28:24

Hadi katra is inborn fashion artist, who is booming out his talent to the world of fashion and modernity. The Lebanese fashion designer, Hadi Katra is known for his fine and unique embroidery of wedding dresses although his journey in creating ready-to-wear wardrobes have stimulated the success to its zenith/culmination. Audacity, vitality, modernity and romance are found in his designs and are simply breathtaking and inspirational!

Here's an interview done with the brilliant Lebanese fashion designer, Hadi Katra: 

Who is Hadi Katra in the eyes of viewers and designers?

Hadi Katra, the son of famous Lebanese designer Pierre Katra, studied at Esmod; the international fashion design school, and has been designing fashion ever since 2002. Hadi worked side by side with his father, gaining experience and know-how, before launching his own ready-to-wear and couture lines in 2008.

After performing various fashion shows and gaining popularity, what is your next ambition or near feature plans?

Fashion is an ever changing phenomenon. We have to be always prepared to work with these changes and challenges. That is why we are always creating new ideas to showcase these new trends in various fashion capitals. Our ambition and vision is to create beautiful collections every season to reach more markets and worldwide clients.

As a talented fashion artist, what is the biggest dream of your life?

The biggest dream of any designer is to see his/her collection spread and worn in all corners of the globe. Being international has many challenges but at the same time it is exciting to work constantly to achieve that goal.

Tell us in more details about your taste in clothing?

Hadi Katra Couture is known for creating gorgeous wedding and evening gowns, with a unique mixture of elegance, glamour and simplicity, all crafted with colorful silky fabrics and hand finished embroideries to form an amazing silhouette, a modern woman, a piece of art...

Who is your favorite fashion designer and why?

I like unique designs regardless who the designer is. I admire Gaultier and Alexander McQueen greatly for their talents.

Just to have an idea about your coming S/S collection 2015, what colors or textiles you have used mostly in your designs that you would want to see them on every woman for this season?

For the Spring/Summer 2015 collection, I used as a lot of unique fabrics. Printed Brocade, tulle and light embroideries were used. Colors were mostly pinkish, light green, and lilac. I used fabrics and colors in different combinations to create this collection.

In your opinion, what attributes should a fashion designer maintain in order to be successful?

Working hard, creating new ideas and research are the main factors to make success in this business. Getting inspired by the changes around us, the trends, the changing tastes of women; all previous elements are considered the main factor to make a designer work around. Each designer should also be true to himself/herself and not try to imitate or copy others.


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