Freesia - Egypt Embarks Into The International Fashion Scene With Cairo Couture Collections

Egypt Embarks Into The International Fashion Scene With Cairo Couture Collections

By: Freesia Staff Fri, 24 Apr 2015 17:09:25

It seems Cairo speaks fashion in 2015 with a number of unprecedented events and initiatives promoting the fashion scene in Egypt, the ME region, and even the whole world. On top of these events comes Cairo Couture Collections which is a semi-annual international fashion affair powered by the admirable magazine, Fashion Zone, aiming not only to change the face of fashion, but also to inspire it. 

Being the principal sponsor of the event, Braun sought to unleash women’s hidden powers as usual, by launching surprisingly creative hashtag “#BreakFree” throughout the evening, encouraging guests to engage in the red-carpet activities. 

Being the gateway to the top global and local talents, Fashion Zone’s CCC embraced the creative works complying with world-class standard ethos, hosting the elegantly chic collections of the Dubai-based House of Hend, the Armenian Nuria Designs, Esmeralda Radwan, and Hadil Ali. CCC also marked of large variety of Haute Couture, evening gowns, cocktail wear, and Abayas, especially with the collection of Salma Salem who masters the art of veiled fashion matching the standards within couture with small detailing.

CCC guests were not only overwhelmed by the breathtaking designs showcased on the catwalk, but they were also fascinated by the hairdos provided by Egypt’s finest salon, Kriss as a courtesy.

Setting a strong start for the seasons ahead, CCC was not done yet with its surprises, concluding with the famous American stylist and celebrity designer, Stevie Boi, among its shining starts. Boi showcased a one-of-a kind collection “Cr3am”, featured of his known simple style of white sportswear, not to mention his world famous shades: SB shades.

After organizing such a magical event taking us to the mystic land of fashion, which is full of vivid colors and catching designs, how can FZCCC surprise us on its very next season that we probably thrill to from this moment! 


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