Freesia - MENA Fashion Experts Gather At Our Wedding Carnival

MENA Fashion Experts Gather At Our Wedding Carnival

By: Menna El-Baz Thu, 02 Apr 2015 15:06:52

On the 3rd and 4th of April, Our Wedding Carnival season 3 will be launched from Semiramis Intercontinental Cairo Hotel, organized by Red Square, which co-operates with "Bnbny Hayah" project for the first time to make a difference in 10 orphan brides' lives.

Our Wedding Carnival gathers a large number of MENA fashion experts. The carnival introduces the Egyptian designer Bahig Hussein, hair dresser Kriss, makeup artist Mohammed Abd Al-Hammed, etiquette expert Iman Afifi, and the Lebanese designer Hady Katra, along with the Spanish brand Roza Clara that will present a wedding collection by some of the most remarkable designers in the fashion industry.

Rasha Hussan , Marketing Manager of L'Azurde (the Official Jewelry Sponsor) said that the Egyptian taste in Jewelry differs from the Gulf one. Therefore, they always try to meet the local taste by creating 60 additional models per month. L’Azurde also tries to satisfy different classes of customers. She advised women, especially Freesia readers, to choose the design that looks best on them, a design that looks more suitable and practical and can be worn in different occasions, stressing the importance of having the after-sales service provided. 

Dina Marzban, Digital Marketing Manager of L'Oréal Paris, (one of the event sponsors) pointed out that L'Oréal is always interested to participate in events targeting women.

Jumia Marketing Manager, Tamer Al-Fekki, said he was "initially against" the idea of participating in the event because he didn't know how big it is. He added that they have a wedding collection available on their online store. “Wedding shopping is not just limited to dresses, there are also electronic devices that a bride would need for her future houses” said, Tamer.  He also stressed that Jumia Always adds to the Egyptian fashion scene "in its own way".

In Our Wedding Carnival, Freesia had the chance to meet up with many fashion designers and artists and interviewed Walaa Amen, the founder of Blanche Maison De Couture, who expressed her high expectations about the carnival. It’s the first time for her to participate in the Our Wedding Carnival where she presents a brand-new, flower-themed collection. Walaa added that Egypt needs more freedom and space for everyone to walk down the streets wearing whatever they like.

The Our Wedding Carnival also embraced Rosa Clara models, a Spanish brand that recently opened their branch in City Stars Egypt back in December, 2014. Rosa Clara was founded 19 years ago in Barcelona, Spain. Rosa Clara has more than 30 stores around the world. The Retail Manager of Rosa Clara, Edina Dindas, expressed her amazement of how beautiful Cairo is, and her joy that she's here in Egypt. "The shop is doing really well" she said. The Our Wedding Carnival is the first big event in Egypt that Rosa Clara takes part in, and she added that they are really excited to participate in other events where they can meet young Egyptian designers, while they co-operate with numerous international designers. At the end, Dindas asked Freesia readers to pay Rosa Clara’s Cairo branch a visit to recognize its unique products. 


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