Freesia - Elie Saab's Spring /Summer 2015 Collection

Elie Saab's Spring /Summer 2015 Collection

By: Patil Kalfayan Sun, 22 Feb 2015 12:31:11

The self-taught, Lebanese talented fashion designer Elie Saab, has always mesmerized us with his spectacular inventions at fashion shows. 

Elie Saab, the eldest son, who used to sew dresses for his sister at the age of 9, has grown to sell clothes to his neighborhood, then after years of hard work in bringing his talent into vocation, he has been able to open atelier in the heart of the city Beirut. The young, dynamic designer developed his fashion talent over years, from using pieces of newspapers and searching for his mother's lace clothes to making wedding dresses and gowns, his passion evolved and revealed to the world his unique style in clothings. Elie Saab always surprises us in every fashion collection, leaving us sitting in front of the TV amazed at the masterpiece presented at the fashion shows in Paris, Milan, Rome and many more. We are aware of Elie Saab's inclination in making dresses made for special occasions, as most of the Hollywood celebrities like Beyonce , have exhibited the gorgeous wardrobes of Saab's on the red carpet, although they could be worn on Sunday dinners, late at night outings with friends, and family gatherings. 

This season, Elie Saab introduces us a diverse collection, full of virginity, sanctity and vibrancy with the use of tulle, ostrich feather and lace. Saab has clearly revealed to us in his wardrobes the "ostrich effect", where throughout the show we can see the dresses and robes embellished with ostrich feathers around the neck, at the sleeves and the hand bags. This reminded me the "Great Gatsby's" costumes worn by bourgeoisie women back in 1920's in America. The colors for spring/summer seasons are light and pastel besides the black color, which has always been the pioneer color of every season. Saab presented scoop-neck, open back tulle and ostrich feather long gowns with pockets. Inspired from the french fashion designer Pierre Balmain's 60's couture, Saab introduces us the wonderful flower petal ruffles long gowns, where the flower petals embroidered perfectly side by side at the chest and at the end of the dress. At last, Saab stunned us with the lovely wedding dress influenced from the 18th century European royal ceremonial dresses. 

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