Freesia - Frost Yourselves On Valentine's Day From Almas Jewelry

Frost Yourselves On Valentine's Day From Almas Jewelry

By: Patil Kalfayan Fri, 13 Feb 2015 18:19:52

As the Valentin's day has set foot at the doors of every lovers, I had to prepare a gripping topic related to valentine. Therefore, I came upon a personal ornament as an alluring valentine gift, so I was drawn by a profoundly remarkable jewelry shop in Jdeideh Square, Lebanon, where I had the chance to speak with one of the founders of "Almas Jewelry" shop, Mr. Fahed Abou Samra.

1- How do you describe a woman?

A woman is like a surface of a diamond, transparent that you can see inside. The more you wipe it gently, the more it shines.

2- In you opinion, how do you define the woman’s beauty?

A woman is “Multi-faceted”, beautiful, enduring , sparkling with wonderful proportions, exactly like the diamond jewelry that reflects her charming beauty.

3- What offers do you have for this Valentine?

This Valentine season we came up with a very interesting idea for a jewelry gift.The Valentine Birthstone Collection. It is a heart pendant in pink gold featuring a precious stone in the middle of the heart. What makes this pendant precious other than its price is the fact that every person will choose the pendant with the stone that resembles the birth month of the person he is giving it to, for example January Birthstone is Garnet, February is Amethyst, March is Aquamarine and so on…You can check the collection and birthstone chart on our facebook page “Almas Jewelry”.

4- What is the best gift you can give to a woman at Valentine’s Day?


And what about you? what's the best gift you can give to your lover on Valentine's day?

Share them with us, or leave a comment!


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