Freesia - 6 Tips Help You Overcome The Fears Of The First School Day

6 Tips Help You Overcome The Fears Of The First School Day

By: Mona El Motayme Mon, 29 Sep 2014 17:41:54

Parents always dream about their kids’ first day at school, and when their children start going to school, they start having a mixed feeling full of joy and anxiety especially if the children are deeply attached to them. Also some kids may express their fears by crying a lot.

So Freesia decided to help you and bring you 6 effective tips to overcome the fears of the first school day.

1- Make sure to stay with your child in his first day of school to help him adapt with the new environment and while doing this you should talk to him about the school and its beauty.

2- Praise and emphasize him before going to school because this will encourage him and will increase his self confidence. Also make him proud of himself because he's going to school.

3- Give him bonuses because kids always get motivated by bonuses, so try to do this a lot especially in his first day of school.

4-    Try to explain to him from the beginning that he will spend some time at the school and that he will have classmates and will learn different things during the day, also explain to him that the school day will last for a specific time and after that he will return to his room and his toys.

5- Encourage him to talk about his school day and his classmates and support him to feel confident.

6- Tell him good stories about school, stories about "play and fun" time because that's all what matters for him. So tell him that he will have a good time with his new friends and they will play together.


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