Freesia - Gamalek Ya Masr 2014 And Its Special Celebration At Sofitel Hotel

Gamalek Ya Masr 2014 And Its Special Celebration At Sofitel Hotel

By: Abdullah Shehata Mon, 22 Sep 2014 18:24:45

Sofitel hotel that placed in El Jezirah, Cairo, hosts a special celebration named "Gamalek Ya Masr 2014" for beauty queens in Egypt, as a preparation for the closing ceremony that will take place on the day of September 26, 2014 in the charming city Sharm el-Sheikh, the semi finals also supposed to be held in the middle of this month at Citadel of Salah El Din. There are 20 girls only that have been chosen among 79 girls from different governorates of Egypt to be part of this competition.

The celebration begin with the song "Helwa Ya Balady" by the great artist Dalida who was one of the beauty queens of Egypt fifty years ago. Many people have attended this event such as business men, artists, designers and sponsors. The girls introduced them selves to the attendees as an important step before the final selection that will be held in Sharm el-Sheikh.

And as for competition judges, there are the world fashion designer Hany El Behairy, fitness expert Hani Naga, and nutrition expert Dr. Sharifa Abu Elfatouh, Miss Egypt 2010 Donia Hamed, Dr. Amal Rizk, director of the project "Let's care about the planet", Mahinur Gawish marketing manager at Ghabour, Dr. Mohamed Tolba and the photographer Khaled Fadda.

last but not least, the great fashion designer Hany El Behairy gave Freesia a special word about this competition saying that the event is very interesting and well organized, also there are many ministries that take a good care of the event like the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, especially because it will take place in a historic place like the Citadel of Salah El Din. He also mentioned that the selection of the girls wasn't based on their look only, but also on their level of education and their interests in fashion. He also advised them to take a good care of their health and practice sport because this is just the beginning for them.


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