Freesia - The New Fabulous Haute Couture Collection Of Elie Saab

The New Fabulous Haute Couture Collection Of Elie Saab

By: Mona El Motayme Sat, 20 Sep 2014 16:38:56

The Lebanese designer Elie Saab has launched his new Haute Couture collection for 2014-2015 at a great breathtaking ceremony, not only because of his fabulous designs, but also because he has chosen a great place to present his new collection, a palace in Paris the capital of the fashion world, and when the lights faded, the models were just like wonderful pearls scattered.

The new collection consists of 50 designs, ranging from long dresses with big skirts and others with stylish short skirts. It also contains different forms of collars, most notably those that revealed the shoulders of the models and the other on the shape of the letter V.

The fabrics varied between lace, transparent tulle and muslin. As for the colors, they varied between various levels of blue, light green, beige and dark red, in addition to silver, copper and black. There was also a fur that was turned around the shoulders of the models and increased the dresses’ elegance.

The fashion show ended with a bridal dress that distinguishes by its rich details, pearls and silk threads that made the model look like a shining star in a magical clear night.

About Elie Saab, he is a Lebanese designer who was born in 1964 and began designing dresses at the age of nine. He made many dresses for his sister and then for the neighbors. He opened his first couture atelier in Beirut managing over a dozen of employees, and then he displayed his first fashion show that got him many admirations, and since that time he became one of the best designers because of his best haute couture for women.


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