Freesia - 5 Benefits You Don’t Know About Yoga

5 Benefits You Don’t Know About Yoga

By: Amr Moussa Thu, 18 Sep 2014 22:24:55

Yoga is one of the known ancient sports in the world, but many people don’t do it or even don’t know the benefits of doing it! And for me, I was wondering about its benefits when my friend told me that he is practicing yoga daily and told me about its benefits and advised me to visit any specialized center that teaches yoga in order to know more about it, and then I understood why he asked me to do that.

After the first day at the center I realized that you won’t understand it without practicing it. Yoga is a system for the soul, body and mind together by organizing the process of breathing through exercises that help in:

Regulate breathing

Stimulate blood circulation

Lower incidence of heart disease

Strengthen muscles

Flexibility of movement

At the beginning of the exercise the trainer helps you to get rid of stress and teaches you how to meditate through some exercises that help regulate the process of breathing (inhalation and exhalation) through two steps:

1 – You have to focus on breathing in inside your lungs till it’s full, and then take the last breath into the stomach.

2 – To breathe out slowly from your stomach to your lungs.

After all of that you can move to the physical exercises and keep the regulation of breathing, and one of the most popular exercises is greet the sun; it’s a set of exercises that work on all areas of the body to relieve pain and straightening the spine and activate the whole body, it also helps to burn fat and lose weight by repeating the exercise three to four times a day.

There are many kinds of yoga exercises that you should also know about before choosing what suit you such as:

Hatha, Ashtanga, vinyasa and Sifandana, and with the regularity of practicing yoga you will be able to get rid of stress and tension, also it will help you to get rid of all the toxins in the body, and with the regulation of breathing process you will become calmer and more focused on your daily life and it will help you get rid of the pressures of life and gives you the ability to handle all tension.




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