Freesia - Signs That You Are About To Give Birth

Signs That You Are About To Give Birth

By: Walaa Abd El Hady Wed, 17 Sep 2014 08:24:34

Congratulations awaited moment has come, and it is an enjoyable experience despite the accompanying painful memories, and this moment marks may vary from one woman to another, but most pregnant women are going through those situations:

First, understanding the marks and not all the ladies can see them. A thick mucus secretion by blood, if the stopper comes out of the mucous membrane of the cervix, this refers to the approaching deadline of birth, maybe it’s close to birth or at a distance of days.

Second, the pangs of childbirth

-There’s a real one, which is a contraction involuntarily in the womb, cramps in the body and pain in the lower abdomen and back like contractions of the period, which is very painful and can’t be healed by painkillers. The goal of all of that is to push the baby in order to come out of the womb and it comes regularly every half hour and then every quarter of an hour, and then keep coming but in a less time until it becomes every five minutes with increasing duration of each shot and strength, till the fetus down and several of the placenta.

- The fake one, and it occurs with most of the women in the last month of pregnancy, it’s irregular and spaced at intervals and disappears by taking a painkiller, It helps the fetus to come down to the pelvis and take normal situation.

Thirdly burst water bag and the descent of the amniotic fluid

you’re on the verge of the situation only if accompanied by contractions lead to cervical dilatation.

When you shall call the doctor?

  1 - If the water bag burst or you suspect that the fluid that surrounds the fetus  in the uterus has been nominated and leakage from the water.

2 - If your baby or eased movement became less than usual.

3 - If you have any vaginal bleeding and had a small amount of mucus accompanied by blood.

4 - If you have a fever or high temperature, or severe headache, or disturbance in vision or pain in the abdominal area.


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