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By: Ranin Elgaby Sun, 14 Sep 2014 08:11:22

Can you introduce yourself to us?
I am Mounaz and I am Aya, we are two sisters who established Okthein.

Can you tell me how did you get the idea of Okthein?

Basically, I am a local artist and my sister is a designer, a year ago we decided to collaborate and we didn't know whether we want to be in fashion or furniture or jewelry. We just work together and we like design things.

The idea came to us almost a year ago, we love fashion and love to dress up, so we thought why not to try design our own bags. Coincidentally, we went Moaz Eldin Street as I and My sister love to go there, especially my sister, she loves going there and seeing architecture. We really get inspired there.

We saw many buildings, they were very beautiful and we imagined taking part of them and turn them to some designs. It was a good idea, so we took many pictures and went back home, printed them and put them at the studio, and then started to imagine pieces of architecture till we just came up with the design of the doom and forests. We want to revive our history like Indians, they used their cultures to come up with line and so do we, trying to revive the ancient Egyptian jewelry and Egyptian fashion. There’s much more than ancient Egyptians, there’s also Moaz Eldin Street and a lot of other things. There are all of these cultures; basically we want to show Egyptian culture everywhere. It's our next door step.

Now I know why I see a lot of pictures

Yes, exactly, we even put a lot of pictures in Instagram. We tried to show some of them, we tried to explain the idea in a catalog, and here if you can see the black board, you will understand more.

What’s your future plan?

Our future plans, actually we’re working on a very interesting collection for spring summer, and another thing from something else from khan EL khalili. There will be the last piece from Fatimid Dynasty as well; we think all people will love that. There’s another thing that's very exciting, but we are keeping it as a secret for now. We are going to have the theme of woman empowerment as well. We also have Elsok, it's very exciting and has more colorful. We can't wait to show all of that to people and know their feedback.

Do you want to add another thing?

No, we are very thankful; we didn't really expect that welcome. Thanks to people who came to us and saw the collections and the catalog. We are very happy, grateful and appreciate their love.


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