Freesia - How To Deal With Your Loved Ones !?

How To Deal With Your Loved Ones !?

By: Dina Gouda Thu, 15 Jan 2015 14:37:21

Why I’m so nice with the strangers !!
and not with the people I love most ? Why I feel guilty about that ?

Have you ever asked yourself this question before? Did you find an answer for it? Did you find yourself think that way,"I’m done here I want to be happy, I’m going to break up with my fiancee ; I want to divorce because we are not a good couple ; My children hate me ; I’m going to cut off the connection with my parents, They don’t understand what I want" Did it come to your mind on that way before? So that means you have unbalanced life and you need to fix it and when you know the problem you can move in a right direction to fix it

Here’s four hidden reasons that can lead you to this :

You feel like you own them ?
You feel  like this is my family, It’s mine! They are going to be with me no matter what.

 You feel like they are going to be available when you have time?

You behave like I'll try to deal with them better on the next time?

You don’t give yourself and your family enough time?
like I’m going to see them in the weekend or I’m so busy now I’ll talk with them later forget that we all change with time. You feel like they're going to do what you want even if there is nothing in return.

When you know the real reason you can move in a right direction, So you need to find which reason make you behave that way then choose one of these four techniques to deal with your loved ones better

Remind yourself of good memories with this person :
Remember the good moments with the loved ones will give you  intense feelings of gratitude, that will help you to deal with them better

Write a list of things you love about your loved ones :
know why you love this person will make you want him or her forever. Also will make you don’t want to lose them and want to spend more time with them.

Go outside with the people you love in a company :
Choose people you feel less intimate with and spend more time with them and with the people you love. You will find your self automatically without any effort  dealing with your loved ones more politely and kindly.

Do things you used to do in the past :
Try to sneak to  your mother’s bed at night and sleep with her like when you were a little kid. Try to go back to a common special place between you and your husband or fiancee. Try to watch a movie or play a game you used to play or watch when you were younger like Tom and Jerry. This will help both of you remember how strong your relationship was. Also will  motivate you to rebuild a strong relationship again by doing those things or doing new things together.

At the end of the day just remember the balanced life is the key of success, just get your key and share in a comment which one works for you.


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