Freesia - Top 5 Beauty Trends For Spring/Summer 2018 In Videos

Top 5 Beauty Trends For Spring/Summer 2018 In Videos
Top 5 Beauty Trends For Spring/Summer 2018 In Videos

By: Hana Fares Tue, 03 Apr 2018 20:30:43

Spring has begun and everyone wants to look beautiful and be up to date with the latest trends, we’ve gathered the sexiest most up-beat beauty trends for you to glimmer this season.

1. Shimmer and gloss this season away 

From shimmery nails, to shimmery check bones glossy eye shadow a

and lips, you don’t need sun this season to shimmer and glow!

2. Old Blue Eyes

Remember the old blue eyes, well they’re back, and they’re totally in this season! You could also go for blue eyeliner.

3. The Disco Eye Shadow
The infamous disco eye shadow is totally in this season! Glitter it all the way up this season

4. Dark Lips
Although dark lips are usually famous during the fall/winter season, this season, it’s all around!

5. The Neutral Look
It’s the easiest and everyone’s favorite look, and on the plus side, it is in this season. There’s nothing better than a neutral look.

You don’t have to try every trendy look this season, just pick the one that fits your face, style, and the location your going to. The new trends for this season are to die for!
Do you like those trends? Are you interested to try a certain one?
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