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Beautiful Not Hot!

By: Freesia Staff Sat, 03 Feb 2018 13:46:21

Your inner beauty is determined by your personality and character. It also reflects on people’s behavior towards you. It depends on neither your look nor your style; it depends on your passion and hobbies. It depends on your vision of the world around you; either you are an optimistic person or a pessimistic one.

It’s not your name, shape, even your style that defines you, it’s the books you read, the conversations you get engaged in, and the people with whom you spend your time. 

You should know how to act like a lady without being girly. The following tips will help you to become the woman of your dreams:

Be sociable: the true lady knows when to speak and when to listen as well. She is talkative and very social and keeps her personal life private at the same time.

She is outstanding: she is confident about herself. She doesn’t do effort to attract people or to have attention. She gets attention through her personality, mind, and soul.

So girl you should know it’s all about how you feel not how you look. It’s all about your confidence, how you speak your mind intelligently, your ability to stand for yourself and don’t depend on others.

It’s your life, create it as you want, color it with your passion, adventures, and laughter. Control your thoughts, your mind; be as simple as you can be. Feel happiness inside yourself. Trust your intuition (it’s always true). Follow manners and don’t change for anyone. The one who loves you will love your perfect imperfection.

Be yourself and you’ll see how the universe works for you and gives you what you need, rather than what you want. Be confident yet humble. Be outstanding yet friendly, be what you love and do what you want. Just be yourself that’s what gorgeous means girl.

Alaa Sayed


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