Freesia - Marquise.. A Legendary Collection Takes You Beyond The Time

Marquise.. A Legendary Collection Takes You Beyond The Time

By: Dalia Mansour Mon, 12 Jun 2017 04:55:47

When designs imitate the fashion of legendary princess and bring us back to the classic childhood fairytales’ stories of Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Snow White. When we travel through time to legends and its queens and sultanas represented in their luxurious flowing gowns and magical details; then we know that we’re about a unique collection that must had taken long time and extra effort from a talented creative designer.


Our couture niche collection today is inspired by some rare gemstones and the most expensive as well, which by default reflects richness, luxury, elegance and beauty. Thus, the premier Emirati designer Halima Seemba has named it “ Marquise”.


No wonder that each dress of the collection motifs from the Arabic heroines of the book of One Thousand Nights and a Night, conveying the sentiment that all girls are princesses and all ladies are queens.


The sophisticated legendary style of the princess cut cocktail dresses that are always aligned with the world of high fashion for quite some time, as well as, magic of the East. Endless similarities exist between some subjects like; beauty, fantasy, history and myths.


Colors of the dresses vary between red, baby blue, pink, purple and nude color. Added to that, the cuts came in over-length mermaid style, A-line and princess style in both knee-length and leg- length emphasizing the royal, elegant and feminine look.

The neck model comes in scoop, V and high neck. Some of the dresses were off-shoulder, sleeveless and others were long sleeves.


Lace, tulle, silk and satin mastered the fabrics, with gemstones embellishment and some are lined with either same or different color fabric.


Worth to mention that Halima Seemba has decided to launch her couture collection in a collaboration with the beautiful Lebanese celebrity Rola Saad who is known for her elegance and high taste of fashion. Rola is the face of Halima’s label campaign for this season.


The shooting location was a brilliant choice. An ancient abundant railway station in Tripoli, Lebanon affirmed the historic legendary theme of the “Marquise” collection.


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