Freesia - Latest F/W 16 Perfumes For A Passionate Winter!

Latest F/W 16 Perfumes For A Passionate Winter!

By: Dalia Mansour Sun, 13 Nov 2016 09:08:13

For those who follow their passion for fragrance, Freesia has collected some of the latest Fall/Winter16/17 luxury brands perfumes. It varies between the floral Parisian and oriental fragrances to meet all the tastes and personalities, and take you to another world of charm and melting senses.

Amber Malaki by Chopard:

Perfect to gift for both men and women, Amber Malaki creates a classic backdrop as you celebrate this Holy occasion. The luxurious fragrance is the perfect accompaniment to any occasion; whether at a relaxing family dinner at home or celebrating with friends, the spicy notes of incense awaken your senses.

Miu Miu:

Miuccia Prada has created a world that celebrates the modern woman, and with that a fragrance that encapsulates everything that makes her unique.

Fragrance has the ability to take us back in time to a place, a moment - it is a portal to re-awaken our memories.

Miu Miu would like to spread the joy amongst the women in the community during this special occasion as Miu Miu was created for Her.

Icon Elite by dunhill:

Finally a masculine combination of Ebony Wood contrasts with a Black Suede to convey fine craftsmanship and exquisite quality of materials. The soul of the fragrance is constructed around a core blend of notes: Sicilian Bigarade, Vetiver and Sandalwood. This is the signature of the fragrance.
The robust spice accord of the Cardamom and Black Pepper adds more depth and force whilst a Heart Blue Sage and Juniper affirms elegance. 

Ghawali new oriental fragrance:

Ghawali understands your need to possess your own precious “ghalias” and the desire to remain linked with culture and heritage through these fragrances,

yet we present a contemporary offering . We realize the importance of the traditional elements of Perfume, Oil , and Bokhour yet also understand that scent accompanies you in all facets of grooming, thus we also cater to your Bath and Bodycare needs.

We have developed our luxurious collections specifically for the layering ritual, allowing the heady scents to envelope your skin at every touch point.

From our Purifying Shower Gel to the final spray of our long lasting Parfum, your skin and senses will be treated to layer upon layer of beautiful fragrances and formulas.

Our unique fragrance creations are developed from the finest ingredients found in the region; Indian Oud, Amber, Damask Rose, and Sandalwood to name a few,and formulated by expert perfumers who understand the nuances of Arabic fragrancing and how important fragrances are to this region, not just as a product….but as a way of life.

Uomo The Red by Trussardi:

It is perfect with a tuxedo, in silk or in velvet: friends of the night. It goes with jeans, a pullover, leather or hide: travel buddies. It is ideal for a pinstriped, grisaille and dark suit: the business uniform. It is for men, forever and always. Uomo The Red, the new Trussardi Parfums fragrance, is as unequivocally masculine as dad’s warm and reassuring embrace, a sweet, heartfelt hug of a favorite brother, or a strong and passionate embrace of a lover you can’t forget.

Decadence by Marc Jacobs:

Decadence is the perfect blend of liquid amber, golden saffron, jasmine and warm papyrus wood. The fragrance serves as the ideal gift for you or your loved ones, as Decadence is the ultimate invitation to indulge. The woody fragrance makes a bold statement and elevates any woman to a new level of luxury with every spray. Make sure to smell your best as you celebrate this loving occasion with your family and friends.

Euphoria Calvin Klein:

Echoing euphoria Calvin Klein’s core identity of a vivid and exhilarating whirlwind moment of liberation, the fragrance inspires a rush of emotions swirling around as one tries to distinguish between what is real and what is just a dream. this season let euphoria Calvin Klein and euphoria men Calvin Klein bring to life your fantasy as you celebrate, with hypnotic notes of amber adding a sense of luxury to your evening affair.

Deep Euphoria Calvin Klein:

Deep euphoria enters a new olfactive territory as the first vibrant chypre floral in the Calvin Klein portfolio.

The fragrance opens with notes of cascalone and black magic rose that intertwine to create an aura of humidity throughout the entire fragrance,imparting a sultry wetness that enhances the signature sensuality. The top and mid’s mix brings a modern femininity and a pure quality of richness to the fragrance,and the dry down of enveloping sensual musk brings a smooth, sensual texture that is rich and undeniably sensual immersing you deep within the fragrance, evoking warmth and pleasure.


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