Freesia - Mexican For Iftar? Absolutely Yes!!

Mexican For Iftar? Absolutely Yes!!

By: Dalia Mansour Sun, 19 Jun 2016 15:42:08

With the beginning of the Holy month of Ramadan we've got invited for Iftar at the famous Mexican restaurant “ElChico” in Dalma Mall Abudhabi. To be honest we were so hesitant to accept the invitation, simply because as Arabs we’re used to our delicious Arabic food for Iftar like mahshy, sambousak and lentil soup etc…, but at the end we had decided not to miss the chance to please the charming pretty ladies of Pencell Pr Company.

The shocking thing was that we were impressed by the wonderful variety of a huge menu of extremely delicious Mexican authentic dishes and great Arabic-Mexican atmosphere confirmed by Ramdan Lanterns at every corner of the restaurant.

We had a warm welcome by a smiling team of waiters and waitresses gave us  a quick and professional service.

As long as it’s Mexican, we harried to order the unique Nachos and the one of a kind mouth-watering TOP SHELF GUACAMOLE salad. Made from handpicked special ingredients that include vine ripe tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, lime, California Hass avocados and Mama's top secret spices. All these are made at the tableside in front of the guest to create freshest Top Shelf Guacamole.

We were a team of 3, so we were dipped in three different irresistible main courses like:

1.   ENCHILADAS: It is a Corn tortillas dipped in authentic special enchilada sauce which are later rolled with a choice of four different fillings namely spinach, beef, chicken or cheese topped with famous favorite choice of fresh daily homemade sauces; chili con carne or sour cream. This delicious meal is served with Mexican rice and refried beans.

2.   TOP SHELF FAJITAS: Marinated chicken and lamb chops, shrimp and outside skirt steak beef grilled to perfection, served on a bed of onion and green pepper on a sizzling hot skillet. The top seller item is served with tortilla bread, Pico de Gallo, sour cream, guacamole, cheddar cheese, Mexican rice and frijoles rancheros.

3.   GRANDE BRISKET BURRITO: Slowly roasted beef brisket with queso, rice, onions, frijoles rancheros, wrapped in a flour tortilla topped with homemade ranchera sauce and drizzled with sour cream. Served with Mexican rice and frijoles rancheros.

After finishing that battle, we have moved to the most catastrophic but exciting part which was the dessert. The BROWNIE SUNDAE is one of the best ways to complete your dining experience. It is an in house baked brownie, enriched with wall nuts and pecans is served on a sizzling skillet, topped with vanilla ice cream with the rare aromatic butter sauce. The best part is that it's good for sharing!

At the end and because it is Ramadan and we have to go for Suhuur after couple of hours, we had taken our decision to stop eating at that point though we wanted to stay longer and try more food. It was one of the best Iftar experiences we ever had and a place we highly recommend.


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