Freesia - Swarovski And Hanayen Are An Exclusive Ramadan Story

Swarovski And Hanayen Are An Exclusive Ramadan Story

By: Dalia Mansour Sun, 05 Jun 2016 07:49:44

Swarovski, the global leader in cut crystal and fashion jewelry, presents during Ramadan an exclusive collection with Hanayen, which has made a compelling mark in the traditional, yet fashionable modest clothing market.

With its highly skilled designers, as well as shops in the leading malls throughout the UAE, the label, established in 1990, represents true elegance and femininity in modest wear. The brand, which takes an avant-garde approach to the traditional Arabian attire, is renowned for the opulence, majesty and grace of its designs. “The simplicity of the abaya is the starting point for all Hanayen designs. With our expert design team, this concept evolves into garments of incomparable works of art, bejeweled and trimmed with luxurious fabrics and embroidery, appliqués and crystals from Swarovski,” said Mr.Rabee Nader AbdullaAl Awadhi , President , Hanayen Group.

Just in time for the holy month, wearers can choose from ready-made Abayas in different collections, or custom make one’s own Abaya using embellishments like Swarovski crystals, bows, ruffles, feathers, French tassels and much more. The designs and styles are carefully studded with a selection of Swarovski crystals of various colours and sizes, carefully emulating the inspiration found with the sea including strong bright colours reflecting shimmering water and diverse underwater life.


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