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Arwa Tarek: There Are Misconceptions About Being A Flight Attendant

Being a flight attendant is not like any typical 8 to 4 job; from layovers to 4 AM. wake-up calls an...

Spot on

Freesia Staff 2018-08-15 17534

Farah Charaf: Arab Media Chooses Beauty Over Talent!

Farah Charaf, the Lebanese-Turkish presenter, sure is one of the most aspiring upcoming talents toda...

Spot on

Menna Hamdy 2018-08-15 18669

5 Steps To Reach Your Goals

There is nothing wrong with being a dreamer. Every success story started with a dream that grew to b...

Empowering Women

Freesia Staff 2018-07-31 11543

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An Exquisite Collection By Rima Haute Couture That Will Dazzle You

There are a million fashion designers right now, whether international or Arab. However, Rima Yachou...

Fashion Trends

Hana Fares 2018-05-03 10149

Johnny Fadlallah.. The Fashion Guru in the Middle East

The fashion capital of the Middle East has always been Beirut, and L.I.P.S. Management with its CEO ...

Fashion Trends

Freesia Staff 2018-03-19 10405

Temraza Steals All Global Light!

Farida Temraz, the Egyptian-Canadian fashion designer and owner of the international brand, Temraza ...

Fashion Trends

Menna Hamdy 2018-03-13 10495

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Everything About How The Pharaohs Invented Sham El-Nessim

Sham El-Nessim, “Smell The Breeze,” is a festival celebrated by Egyptians of all religions and s...

Around the world

Menna Hamdy 2018-04-02 7710

5 Must-Read Books That Will Become Movies In 2018

No matter how much of a book worm you are, it’s hard to get yourself to read a book once it’s be...

I read for you

Menna Hamdy 2018-03-19 7286

7 Amazing Dining Places In Alexandria!

If you haven’t visited Alexandria in a while then you’re missing out on a lot. With its cosmopol...

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Freesia Staff 2018-03-06 6936

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Postpartum Depression.. What It Is And How To Deal with It

Postpartum depression is a type of emotional disorder related to child birth that affects men, too,...


Menna Hamdy 2018-04-21 6100

How To Be A Good Mother

Being a mother is a dream many women have, but only few of them actually understand the consequence...

Mother tips

Menna Hamdy 2018-04-15 6643

What You Don't Know About Your Hyperactive Child

Most children have excess energy all of the time, but how do you know when it is too much and someth...


Freesia Staff 2018-03-15 5877

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Antarmode Breaks Through The Egyptian Fashion Industry

Mahmoud Antar, the Syrian fashion designer and founder of Antarmode Haute Couture, has proven that h...


Menna Hamdy 2018-06-26 7149

5 Bridal Hair Accessories That Every Bride Would Love

The dress has been decided on, the guest list is ready, the catering, venue, and photographer are al...


Hana Fares 2018-04-23 6862

Berta Bridal Launches Epic Spring 2019 Collection

Legendary fashion designers and bridal wear designers are all over the world right now, and they all...


Hana Fares 2018-04-18 10393

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Top 5 Beauty Trends For Spring/Summer 2018 In Videos

Spring has begun and everyone wants to look beautiful and be up to date with the latest trends, we...


Hana Fares 2018-04-03 8717

Makeup Tips You Don't Want To Miss This Valentine!!

For a Valentine’s day makeup you can choose a romantic classic look or a glamorous intenselook dep...


Freesia Staff 2018-02-13 8178

Beautiful Not Hot!

Your inner beauty is determined by your personality and character. It also reflects on people’s be...


Freesia Staff 2018-02-03 5008

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Depression.... An Uninvited Guest!

When you were a little kid, things that mattered to you were little as well. Having a new doll or ea...

Healthy tips

Freesia Staff 2018-08-01 8455

7 Foods to Relieve Your Period Cramps

Does it feel as if you’re dying from premenstrual syndrome (PMS) every month? Well ladies rej...

Healthy tips

Freesia Staff 2018-03-11 6485

Keto Diet Cures Cancer And Diabetes

Listen up, folks! The Ketogenic Diet has proven itself effective not only in healthy weight-loss, bu...


Freesia Staff 2018-02-09 5999

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